Friday, April 14, 2017

Week Ending 16 April 2017

This was the week I celebrated a birthday. A reasonably significant one - my half century. And to celebrate I chaired my first meeting as head of the local birding group:-( Sadly it was the only day that worked for everybody else. It was also the day I opened the door of our linen cupboard and discovered water - rather a lot of water. So I spent a fun hour or so mopping up water and throwing out things that were ruined. Our linen cupboard houses our hot water cylinder and it seems to have sprung a leak. Luckily the leak is small (it must have been leaking for a while before we noticed) but a new hot water cylinder definitely needs to be installed sooner rather than later. Sigh.

This was also the week we should have been celebrating Mr 24's graduation, but instead of walking across the stage he had his first day at his new job. All went well and he reports his immediate boss seems like a nice guy which is always a good thing. Actually Mr 24 is keeping up the family tradition of not graduating in person with his PhD. I missed mine (my degree is from a New Zealand university but we were in Canada with a young baby come graduation time) and Dh missed his (his is from a Canadian university and we were back in New Zealand before graduation time). It'll be up to Miss 22 to break the pattern - assuming the university ever gets around to officially enrolling her in the doctorate programme that is. She filed the paperwork weeks ago and keeps getting emails saying her application is still being processed. At least her department has assigned her office space so she's able to start work already. I guess the longer they take to process her paperwork the less her fees will be.

All my library reserves arrived at once. Just as well we've got a two week break so I can start to work through them all.

Homeschooling wise this was the last week of the school term, prior to a two week break. And since Miss 16 has a calendar full of other exciting things we'll take a two week break from academics as well. Statistics was very short and simple this week, and I wasn't able to find much supplementary material for history so she just read from the book and took notes. That freed up time to undertake the write-up for an ethology project she did way back in February as part of her animal behavior course. We also tackled a couple of short stories for literature, including The Dolls House which is one of my personal favorites,  The Lottery which I feel has a very important message and John Steinbeck's The Chrysanthemum. I pulled from a few free online resources to beef up our study of these stories including this and this and some from here  to supplement our regular book. We finished the term in a relaxed fashion, by watching E.T. The Extraterrestrial for her movie course. The study guide  highlighted parallels with both Peter Pan and the story of Jesus's resurrection, which was serendipitous since we watched it the day before Good Friday, and I hadn't preread the guide so didn't know what the focus for the movie would be.

There was also a driving lesson for Miss 16 with the instructor we used for my older three. As expected she liked him, and he agrees with me that she is ready to sit and pass the test. Now we just have to wait until she's had her current licence for six months, then we can book her test for the next stage.

We also went on a mid week ramble with our birding group while Miss 16 and I hope to fit in a short trip ourselves this weekend.

7:45am on Good Friday and the first batch of Hot Cross Buns was ready to go.

Apart from too many hot cross buns and too much chocolate the weekend will also feature a photo shoot for Miss 16. I suspect that sounds more glamorous than it will be in reality. A group of young birders is being featured in an upcoming book and the photos are for that. I don't think she's looking forward to it since she doesn't like having her photo taken.

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  1. Happy Birthday! I reach that same milestone in a few weeks :-)

  2. Replacing appliances is never fun, glad it is not a large leak right now. Happy easter!