Saturday, November 4, 2017

Week Ending 5 November 2017

I've had a very relaxed and chilled-out week which was much appreciated after the busyness of October. I've spent time pottering in the garden and planting some herbs, vegetables and strawberries. I've done plenty of reading (including the latest edition of Home School Life magazine), listened to podcasts (I still enjoy BraveWriter's one), gone for a walk everyday, practised yoga most days, and tried out several new recipes.

Miss 16 has been busier than me - although she hasn't been away from home overnight which is a change from last month. She attended a two day plant identification workshop which will hopefully help with her birding (since certain birds like certain plants, knowing what those plants actually look like will be useful!) as well as in her eventual career (something ecology related and plants are an important part of that) as well as giving her a nationally recognised qualification (although not by one of the universities she's hoping to attend). She also enjoyed a girls' day out with Miss 22, shopping and lunching. Not my idea of a good time at all so I'm glad they can enjoy it together.

We did do one short birding trip together to my favourite spot and were pleased to see a Grey-tailed Tattler which had been spotted a few days earlier. These are classified as vagrants (I think this was only our third ever sighting of this species) so Miss 16 was delighted to discover that an Unusual Bird Report didn't have to be submitted. We got the thrill of an uncommon bird without any of the pesky paperwork!


  1. I love all of the nature you all get in each week. The class on plants sound cool.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I'm with you about the lunch and shopping--so glad my girls have each other to enjoy such moments!

    How lovely to have a relaxed week to hold on to.

  3. A relaxed week every now and again is just the thing. :-) Glad you had a good week, and thanks for linking up!

  4. A relaxing week is a wonderful week! :)

  5. Love a relaxing week! The plant identification class sounds fun and useful!

  6. What a nice sounding week! Relaxing and pottering about is such a gift :-)